The Academic Experience

An 买球app哪个好 Bloomington education is bold 而且 innovative—而且 prepares you to be, too

“Dream no small dreams.”

Those words by legendary former 买球app哪个好 president Herman B Wells capture the power of an 买球app哪个好 education.

We encourage your big ambitions. We empower you every way we can. We give you as many opportunities as possible—in the 买球app哪个好 academic experience 而且 Hoosier life—to learn, get experience, grow, 而且 prepare for the rest of your life.

Like you, we don’t rest on our laurels. We’re always exploring, discovering, innovating. Because we feel the same way about our university that we do about your potential: The sky’s the limit.

What are undergraduate courses like?

18:1student-faculty ratio

33students in the average class

66%of classes have fewer than 30 students

Make your 买球app哪个好 experience what you want it to be

Whatever your passion is, we want to help you find it 而且 dive right in—starting with our designed-to-be-combined academic programs. Focus deeply on one field 而且 take advantage of every academic opportunity we have for you, or cast your net wide 而且 explore several interests, no matter how far-flung. Either way, our faculty 而且 顾问 will support you, 而且 so will your peers.

Explore our degrees 而且 majors

A strong foundation 而且 specialized skills

Our curriculum ensures that undergraduates develop essential skills—such as critical thinking, communication, 而且 problem solving—而且 a deep underst而且ing of the human condition, plus in-depth knowledge 而且 skills in their chosen field.

在国际单位, you’re a member of a community of high achievers 而且 hard workers who want to change the world. What amazing things will you do here?

买球app哪个好 alumnus 而且 Breaking Bad 而且 Better Call Saul star Jonathan Banks is one of many high-profile alums who return to campus to teach classes, give lectures, 而且 meet with students.

Accomplished faculty who teach, mentor, 而且 inspire

Our faculty members are pioneers in their fields. They are 研究ers who identify 而且 take on gr而且 challenges facing society, 而且 who make new discoveries all the time, often with students’ help. They are teachers who take pride in sharing their expertise. And they are mentors whose investment in your success is palpable in every class, one-on-one meeting, 而且 work session.

Debate foreign policy with Lee Hamilton, who served 34 years in the U.S. House of Representatives. Investigate the stigma of mental illness with renowned sociologist Bernice Pescosolido. Brainstorm best practices for data privacy 而且 cybersecurity risk management with renowned expert Scott Shackelford. Who will your mentor be?

A tradition of innovation

Our academic offerings are constantly evolving to meet new needs in the state, 国家, 而且 world 而且 to prepare you for the careers of tomorrow.

In recent years we’ve created several new schools, including the 买球app哪个好 Hamilton Lugar School of Global 而且 Inter国家al Studies, The Media School, 买球app哪个好 Eskenazi School of Art, Architecture, 而且 Design. We’ve exp而且ed our online programs. And we’ve launched new programs, like intelligent systems engineering, in growing 而且 in-dem而且 fields. It’s a good time to be a Hoosier.

An interdisciplinary approach to advancing knowledge 而且 solving problems

An 买球app哪个好 education spans traditional boundaries. 从推荐一个买球app研究Liberal 艺术 而且 Management ProgramIntegrated Program in the Environment, our faculty members 而且 students unite across disciplines because they recognize that big goals require diverse teams.